Boarding Activity Program

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Boarding House activity program is designed to link into the school’s IB CAS program and the school’s Round Square ideals. Each month we try to provide a balanced program for the students, with activities for all ages and levels. Some activities are large group compulsory events whilst others are student’s choice or privilege, activities earnt by the students. Most of our activities fall under the below categories with many activities being multi facet.

Service and Environment– Activities that aim to provide the student with a strong sense of community responsibility. To promote kindness and the willingness to help others and our environment. These activities provide students with the opportunity to learn, be generous and understand the need, expectation and the value in giving back to your own community.

Internationalism/Culture- Activities that represent, teach and show students about local culture and promote and understanding and tolerance of all cultures and there differences. These activities involve multiple areas such as dance, art, cooking, food, music, architecture, entertainment, language and games. The boarding program promotes internationalism and expects the students to share their culture with each other.

Leadership and Team work- Activities that promote team work and the opportunities for students to take on leadership roles. These activities help to promote community spirit, and support amongst the students peers. These activities vary, but always include a time for reflection and evaluation. The ability to work with others as well as being an important life skill helps to create a genuine cohesive atmosphere within the boarding house. These activities are conducted weekly and vary in group size and set up.

Adventure/Action- These activities are aimed at promoting a sense of adventure. An expectation is placed on the students to participate to the best of their ability. To be willing to try new things and conquer fears about ability and expectation. These activities should have a strong sense of fun, and activeness but vary in content. Within these activities there are not only times for the students to learn but also to teach others and share their own talents.

Creativity- Activities that allow students to participate in and understand the creative elements, students are expected to show initiative in creating events and opportunities in these fields. Participating in talent shows, extra classes and teaching others in areas where they excel, these activities are both formal and informal, individual and in groups.

Academic and Education- As part of the activity program we visit libraries and museums as well as art galleries. We also have people from their chosen professions to the house to share their experience as well as online products such as TED talks and other educational tools. The boarding program has a scheduled minimum of two hours supervised study for all students 6 days a week, run by qualified teaching staff. Our older students also have adapted routines to allow for self managed study for another two hours an evening.