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  1. Is Green Hills Academy an international school?

Yes, Green Hills Academy (GHA) is an international school. The curriculum that students follow prepares them for international examinations at the end of Grade 10 (IGCSE) and of Grade 12 (IB). While most students are from Rwanda, many students and staff memberscome from many different countries.

  1. How is GHA organised?

Green Hills Academy is comprised of three schools on the same campus.

Nursery School, Primary School and the Secondary School

  1. Which academic program does GHA follow?

From Nursery to Grade 8, we offer school-based curriculum based on the best international curricula.

Grade 9 and 10: IGCSE/Cambridge Program

Grade 11 and 12: International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program.

  1. Can my child learn in both English and French at GHA?

Yes, up to grade 8, students can be enrolled in our 50/50 programme, in which they take some of their classes in French and the others in English. French as a 1st language is taught up Grade 12.

  1. What other languages are taught at GHA?

Apart from English and French, students can take Kinyarwanda up to Grade 8 and also German from 5 up to IB level.

  1. Can my child learn Music at GHA?

Yes, GHA runs a lively music program including choir and different bands, which students can join without previous experience.

  1. Is GHA a Boarding School?

Yes, GHA offers boarding facilities of very high standard for students from Grade 7 to 12 in modern accommodation with rooms for 2 or 4 students. (Boarding)

  1. What is the yearly schedule of GHA?

The academic year runs from August to May, and is divided into 3 terms. There is a short break between first and second terms, but longer holidays around Christmas and New Year, and for Genocide Memorial Week in April. Calendar.

  1. What is the students’ daily schedule?

The Day Care and our Nursery School start at 8.00am, and offer half-day and full-day programmes.

The Primary and Secondary Schools start at 7.30am and ends at 3.30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesdays are half days all throughout the academic year, classes end at 12.50pm.

  1. Does GHA offer Extra Curricula activities?

Yes, students from Grade 4 to 12 can enjoy a wide range of extra curricula activities on campus. Our sports facilities includes; a swimming pool, football pitch, a large gym…

  1. Are students at GHA able to learn more about Rwandan Culture?

Kinyarwanda is taught up to Grade 8, and throughout the school, students can participate in traditional dance.

  1. Are meals served by the school?

Yes, students are served a snack at break time and a hot meal for lunch. A vegetarian meal is also available. Fees for meals are included in the school fees.

  1. Do students wear uniform to school?

Yes, students have 2 sets of uniform. The regular/formal uniform and the physical education (P.E.) uniform. All uniform items are available at the School Store which is open throughout the academic year.

  1. How can my child travel to and from GHA?

GHA operates its own school bus service throughout the city for which an extra fee is payable.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]