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Welcome to the Green Hills Academy Nursery School, where we believe as parents you are the most important adults in your child’s life. You are your child’s first and continuing teacher and we want to recognize, build on and extend your child’s many achievements.

Our school welcomes children from 9 months to 5 years of age, for full or half-day programs. We recognize the right of children to realize and expand their potential through education.  This is made possible by placing great value on nurturing their well-being, fostering their capacity to socialize and satisfying their curiosity to learn.

Children are reassured by warm, positive relationships with adults, and of course the effective alliance between the adults in their lives. So the teachers at Green Hills Academy will always be ready to listen and to help. We will also  place a higher value on the process of learning rather than on the direct transmission of knowledge and skills. This is because developing children’s characteristics of effective learning contributes to them becoming life-long learners; developing  intrinsic motivation; and the formation of thinking critically through an ongoing process of respectful interactions with other people, and other experiences.

Nursery School is considered the foundation of children’s learning potential; early experiences shape their future life chances. Young children are also ‘being’, so it is important that they experience a happy and fulfilled childhood, as this unique stage of life cannot be repeated. Therefore, we provide a safe, happy, purposeful and inspiring learning environment for all children in which they can play, learn and explore.

We value and respect each child and family as individuals, also we understand that children learn and develop at different rates. Therefore our approach is dependent upon a holistic view of how children learn, and is supported by a developmentally appropriate, playful early years curriculum based on children’s interests and motivations. When possible, we offer the opportunity for children to participate in our excellent 50/50 program, whereby children learn through both English and  French.

If you have any queries about our provision and approach, or if you would like to make an appointment to have a look around our school please, call to make an appointment with me.


Carmel Faulkner

Principal of Nursery School

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