Primary Curriculum


Our curriculum is based on the vision of equipping students to be self-motivated, life-long learners. We want our students to solve problems through engaging learning experiences that require higher level thinking, creativity and open-mindedness. Green Hills students learn within the context of multiple languages including English, French and Kinyarwanda.

The English Language Arts program is based on the U.S. common core national standards. We use a variety of resources to meet these standards, including Journeys and quality children’s literature for whole class and small group reading instruction. We use a Balanced Literacy approach, which includes things such as guided reading, shared reading, read alouds, phonics/spelling/word study lessons, and interactive writing.

The English Math program is based on the U.S. common core national standards. We use Math in Focus (Singapore Math), which uses the following process to teach math: 1.Concrete: using concrete objects to model problems 2. Pictoral: using representations of the objects to model problems 3. Abstract: using abstract symbols to model problems.

Our Science program utilizes the Next Generation Science Standards from the U.S. We use ScienceFusion, which is an inquiry based program that builds skills in S.T.E.M. Science is linked with Language Arts and Social Studies as much as possible in order to promote a deeper level of understanding.

Students in the 50 50 program spend half of the day in French and half of the day in English. During their French class time, they do French Language Arts, Math and Social Studies. The standards for French and Math are based on the French National Curriculum.

Social Studies standards are based on learning outcomes which cover specific themes of Social Studies, including for example: people, places and the environment; civic ideals and practices; time, continuity and change. We design Social Studies units that are applicable to our students living in Rwanda, while at the same time giving them a global perspetive and skills for the 21st Century. The units are linked to Language Arts and Science.

Students in Primary participate in Kinyarwanda twice a week. Our focus in the lower grades is on developing an appreciation for the language and teachers make the learning engaging with the use of song, poetry, dance, simple readings, and group discussions. Students also enjoy our Traditional Dance class which is offered once a week. During this class, students learn different types of dances and drumming from Rwanda.

Other specials subjects include French as an additional language, Music, Art and PE, and swimming. We have recently opened our new Library. Students visit the Library weekly, where they are able to choose a book, do research and enjoy a quiet place to study.