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Nicholnew2Welcome to Green Hills Primary School! Our school is a dynamic and exciting place to be. Every day we put our motto, ‘towards excellence’ at the center of all that we do. We continuously strive to provide a school culture of excellence. Best practice in teaching and learning is a top priority. Our teachers work hard to provide a learning environment that promotes high academic standards, strong values and cultivates an enthusiasm for life-long learning.

The Primary School consists of students in Grades 1-4. We offer full-day English classes as well as 50/50 French and English classes in all grades. Students in Primary also take the following subjects: French as a second language (full day English students), Kinyarwanda, Library, Art, Traditional Dance, Music, and PE which includes swimming.

For those students who need extra support we have the following special services:

  1. Students with special needs- students who qualify for these services will have a personal assistant who will work with them both in and out of the classroom.
  2. Early Reading Intervention (English/French)- this program is designed to assist students who need additional support in reading. Students work with a trained teacher in small groups to develop strong reading and writing skills.


Green Hills Primary School strives to develop a positive school culture. One of the ways we do this is through various school-wide events including the following:

  • Monthly Assemblies- Assemblies give students an opportunity to share their learning with others, perform on a stage, get recognized for excellent work and character, as well as hear important information from school leaders.
  • Special Events Students work hard to perform at various events throughout the year. These include events such as Drama, Traditional Dance, Music, Art Exhibitions and others throughout the year. We celebrate Multicultural Day together with the entire Green Hills school community. On this day, students and their families come together to share with each other through dance, food, festivities, art and culture. The Primary School celebrates other special events such as the World Book Day, La Francophone and others.
  • Community Service: This year we wish to work together with the older students at Green Hills Academy to promote a spirit of serving others through doing things such as working together to keep our campus clean, promoting student leadership, and outreach to our local community.

We hope you will come visit us soon!

Kind regards,

Nichol Niyibizi
Principal of Primary School
Email: nicholn@greenhillsacademy.rw
Phone: +250787303020

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