Green Hills Academy Boarding

The Boarding House at Green Hills Academy is a modern, purpose-built accommodation with a capacity of nearly 100 boarders. Its success lies in the clear behavioural expectations, the wide range of activities, and the safe and nurturing environment that is created to make the boarders feel and participate as a family away from home. There are seprate wings for boys and girls, and the number of students in each room is usually four. The facilities have solar-heated water, laundry facilities, and are connected to the school’s large generator to ensure continued power supply. 

Each wing has a live-in House Parent and additional staff to provide a high level of support and supervision to the boarders. Each wing has its common room, TV, and other indoor recreational facilities.

Regular assemblies are held to congratulate boarders on their achievements in school and to discuss any matters that may be of concern or interest to the boarders. Boarding staff provide pastoral care and follow up on the academic and personal growth of each boarding student. They liaise with academic staff to ensure that each student is happy and making progress in academics and school life in general. 

Food provided for the boarders is of excellent quality and the students are regularly consulted about the menu. Boarding students who want to worship may attend church on Sundays with supervising staff members.

Weekends involve activities to facilitate all the above areas and allow students the time to build community and rapport. A wide range of activities is available. These include organised sports tournaments, service-learning projects, trips, cinema visits, cooking, team-building challenges, and talent shows. The boarders also have access to the football fields, basketball gym, and swimming pool under the watchful eye of our instructors.

There are three boarding options:

Full-time boarding

Full-time boarding where the pupil stays at the boarding house on weekdays and weekends. It is within full boarding that students can achieve a strong balance between academics, sport, activities, service, living skills, and socialisation. The majority of our students who are elected for leadership roles are full boarders.

Weekday boarding option

Students attend boarding for school days only. Students return home on Fridays (or afternoon before holidays) before 5 pm and return to boarding by Sunday (or the opening of boarding) between 5 pm and 7 pm. Whilst residing in the boarding house students have the rights and responsibilities of full-time boarders. Weekday boarding is a good option for parents who are available to supervise and care for their children on the weekend. Weekday boarders have the opportunity of staying for certain weekends and joining set activities. A weekday boarder participates in the program to a large extent but misses out on the majority of the activity program and weekend activities.

Short-term boarding option

Short-term boarding is for a set, limited period of time. Short-term boarders participate fully in the program and have all the rights and responsibilities of the full boarder for that set period.

We believe that the overall benefit of Boarding at Green Hills Academy above being a day student is that the learning continues after the bell. Amongst their peers and supportive staff, students have the opportunity to grow into young adults with a strong foundation. Green Hills Boarding can be used as a learning path for university, careers, and travel in an environment where students are safe and protected, encouraged to try new things, learn, and become the best version of themselves.

We provide a full-time program balanced in all areas, concentrating on providing learning opportunities for our students. Our program caters to the holistic approach of a child’s development and focuses on:


We offer a supervised study program six days a week by qualified staff, full wireless internet, and access to computers and online study tools. Students have access to extra study material, continual guidance by staff and peers. Staff take on the role of parent in the area of checking completion of homework for all full time and week-day boarders.

Life Skills

Students learn to follow routines, manage their time and gain confidence and discuss issues within our boarding community. Under guidance of our qualified staff, students learn to manage conflict with each other and their own behaviours. The program is student focused and led. Older students learn responsibility within the house and leadership amongst their peers. Extracurricular activities, opportunities for cooking, regular chores, access to a laundry and other programs allow our students to learn the skills for living independently in the future.


A high level of personal responsibility is expected from boarding students. The environment is geared to students understanding the need to follow routine and meet behavioural expectations and take on opportunities of leadership. Students are given the opportunities to discuss rules and boundaries, they learn to make smart choices and attempt to modify concerning behaviours. This environment allows students to safely practice making decisions, gain advice and experience in areas relevant to their age and maturity. Students develop a strong foundation for the future and a knowledge on why their decisions will be important.

Medical, Health and fitness

The boarding program has use of qualified nurses and its own sickbay. Students are taken to medical practitioners as needed. Through sport, games and an activity program the students participate in physical activity no less than three times a week. Our students have access to the swimming pool, gym and sport fields at scheduled times under the watchful eyes of qualified instructors and staff. Students are also part of food committees and discuss issues of nutrition and menu planning. Student’s health and fitness is tested, recorded and evaluated regularly to allow for staff to discuss any concerns.

Responsibility and service

Students are expected to be part of the boarding community, responsible for themselves and their actions, responsible for community property and belongings and the creation of an appropriate atmosphere based on joint values and goals. During the program students are responsible for chores, duties and each other. Each month students participate in service to align with the IB and Round Square Ideals of the school including community projects, school projects and service amongst the boarding house that instill a sense of compassion, generosity and kindness in our students. Service not only allows our students to help others but allows our students to understand the intrinsic value in putting others first.


Within our program we hope to provide opportunity in the above areas always with an emphasis on fun and happiness. With passion and the willingness to support each other we are establishing an atmosphere of joy, where students are expected to learn and help in a way they enjoy. A house that allows silliness and expects laughter whilst we work hard and responsibly.